Top 3 False Casino Assumptions

Many players have fallen victim to numerous myths, false truths and hearsay. Players that have heeded these advices have either lost a huge amount of money or have stopped playing due consistent losing. Casinos have been viewed as evil, money hungry monsters but most of these assumptions have either been mouthed by losers or players who think they know how to beat the house.

Assumption #1: Casinos always win This assumption is completely false. On any given time whether it be during the day or evening, there are a lot of players that win. Statistics report that an estimated 10 to 15 percent of players win every other day or night at the casino. Casino operators know that casinos that never show any winnings are the first ones to go out of business. What players in their right mind would want to play in a casino that would never, under any circumstance, allow a player to win? Players are the chief source of revenue for all casinos and the minute they stop coming in is the day casinos go bankrupt. Looking at the wider picture, it is tru that casinos win most of the time but there are also winners. Doubting players can check the paytables to see the probability of winning at certain slots games for example.

Assumption #2 New machines on the floor are loose machines There is no scientific c evidence that point to newly delivered and installed machines on the floor are loose ones. Probably the only thing the casino can guarantee about these machines is that they have longer warranties and newer parts to make them run faster but that's about it. People assume that because a machine is new that it is loose right away. It is because of this myth that many players rush to try the new game in the hopes that their luck would change for the better. Like any slot machine, it comes with its own computer generated chips that spew random combinations out every second. The same goes for the older machines on the floor.

Assumption #3: Counting cards is illegal Many people believe this to be true but it is not. In the past, players have been asked to leave the playing table for various reasons but to count cards in ones head? This is a well fostered and well spread rumor why people are booted out of a table. Most likely they may have broken a rule of the game or have displayed unethical or proper behavior but to think of counting in ones head is inconceivable. Players of card games cannot and would not dare accuse the person sitting next to them that they are counting card. For all intents and purposes, the person sitting next to them may just be counting the amount of peanut shells across the table. Counting cards is certainly not illegal as long as one does it within their head.

Many myths and assumptions are based on one thing: speculation. When one is not in complete grasp of the facts, one tends to make guesses that they believe is the truth. Casinos are probably the largest sources of myths and half-truths.

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